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I Hate Valintines Day

Today wasnt that bad despite my title. I was called to the Medeiros home to hang with Montana, Kacie, and Mike. Im lazy so ill list the good parts.

-Walked downtown
-RICK ROSSI!!!!!!!!!!!
-Mike P. Machine....machine?
-Ummm Rick kissed me (awkwardly erotic)
-Hit up V.I.P. records
-Went back to Kacies and chilled
-Valentines day made me so much diffrent then i ever am
-I saw this shooting star...omen? OF DEATH
-Aisian Food
-Me and mike went to the war
-me and mike decided to make a fort...OF DEATH
-there was more but im tired, you guys own

Then I got a ride with Montana's mom and went home. Lauren was and still is here. I gave her batteries for valentines day because she loves batteries. They had hearts on them. I love my autographed picture from Emily, it will always have a place in heart.

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