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Me, Dave, and Zac decided to make a screenname pretending to be a robot to confuse people. This is the outcome.

robotnumber3: i am a bot
EyeShineSK: ?
robotnumber3: i am an automated, self-operating, instant messaging machine
robotnumber3: would you like to know about the weather
EyeShineSK: i dont believe you
robotnumber3: why not?
EyeShineSK: if youw ere, you would be using capitalization and periods
robotnumber3: i dont understand the question
EyeShineSK: haha
EyeShineSK: ive caught you
robotnumber3: excuse me?
EyeShineSK: you also would not be using contractions, especially without aspostrophes, btw
robotnumber3: i am confused
robotnumber3: what is the question?
EyeShineSK: and a bot NEVER EVER says two things in a row
EyeShineSK: they always wait for a response
robotnumber3: i saw it on ripleys
robotnumber3: ten feet long!
EyeShineSK: and they dont take 15 seconds to TYPE their responses
robotnumber3: im a 15 second robot who likes ripleys and popcorn
EyeShineSK: who the fuck are you?
robotnumber3: haha its john
EyeShineSK: are you snerious?
EyeShineSK: why be you IMin me?
robotnumber3: haha im trying to mess with you
EyeShineSK: ...ah
robotnumber3: and i want to propose to you
robotnumber3: i love you
EyeShineSK: wtf
EyeShineSK: john who?
robotnumber3: john d.
EyeShineSK: oh
EyeShineSK: i thought it was a different jon
robotnumber3: oh..sorry
EyeShineSK: and, um, since many many things, including that he never refers to himself as "john," i request that you tell me who you REALLY are
robotnumber3: you got me
robotnumber3: its andrew
EyeShineSK: i figured
robotnumber3: i still love you
EyeShineSK: you do?
robotnumber3: yes with all my heart
EyeShineSK: so
EyeShineSK: who are you?
robotnumber3: andrew
EyeShineSK: no
robotnumber3: yeah!
EyeShineSK: prove it
robotnumber3: ok...
robotnumber3: in the 4th grade i urinated all over the boys bathroom
EyeShineSK: ugh
EyeShineSK: if it is andrew
EyeShineSK: what, within the last few days, did we have a discussion about, which was begun by my asking you if you watched it?
robotnumber3: american idol?
EyeShineSK: so who are you/
robotnumber3: the kid who pissed all over the bathroom!
EyeShineSK: fine, im done talking to you
robotnumber3: i love you!
robotnumber3: :-(
robotnumber3: guess!
EyeShineSK: i dont want to
robotnumber3: you should
robotnumber3: itll be fun
EyeShineSK: no it wont
robotnumber3: ive got candy!!!
EyeShineSK: too bad
robotnumber3: and puppys!!!11
robotnumber3: +kittens
robotnumber3: and other random cute animals
EyeShineSK: who are you?
robotnumber3: havent figured it out
EyeShineSK: how could i have?
robotnumber3: its obvious
robotnumber3: look at the conversation
robotnumber3: see the clues!!!
EyeShineSK: i have
EyeShineSK: looked
robotnumber3: god loves the pretty children!!!!
EyeShineSK: ?
robotnumber3: look out the window
robotnumber3: now in the bathroom
robotnumber3: FIGURE IT OUT
EyeShineSK: WTF
robotnumber3: nose nuggets
EyeShineSK: who are you/
robotnumber3: think!!!
EyeShineSK: i have
robotnumber3: harder
EyeShineSK: i have
robotnumber3: expand your mind
EyeShineSK: jesus christ
EyeShineSK: who are you?
robotnumber3: you just said it
EyeShineSK: who are you?
robotnumber3: im a non-commie drifter
EyeShineSK: ?
robotnumber3: god dammit
robotnumber3: figure it out
EyeShineSK: apparently, i cant
robotnumber3: try
EyeShineSK: i have
robotnumber3: think about it
EyeShineSK: i have
robotnumber3: i saw you a few days ago

EyeShineSK: lots of people did
robotnumber3: we talked
robotnumber3: on thursday
EyeShineSK: where?
robotnumber3: figure it out
EyeShineSK: cant
EyeShineSK: i talked to a lot of people on thursday
robotnumber3: would everyone do this?
EyeShineSK: idk who would
robotnumber3: think????
EyeShineSK: i have thought
robotnumber3: about...
EyeShineSK: who you are
robotnumber3: oh yeah...that
EyeShineSK: are you in badn?
EyeShineSK: band
robotnumber3: no
EyeShineSK: then i REALLY dont know
EyeShineSK: tlel me
EyeShineSK: tell
robotnumber3: im in a class with you
EyeShineSK: which?
robotnumber3: science
EyeShineSK: ugh
robotnumber3: why ugh?
EyeShineSK: who the fuck are you?
robotnumber3: i sit within 5 seats of you
EyeShineSK: that doesnt really help me
EyeShineSK: five seats is a pretty big area
robotnumber3: think about it!!!
EyeShineSK: I HAVE!
robotnumber3: thursday/sci/science/peanut butter
EyeShineSK: goodbye
robotnumber3: good day
robotnumber3: YOUR ON CANDID CAMERA!!!
robotnumber3: turn around
robotnumber3: KNIFE!
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