Adam (sink_or_swim_x) wrote,

the following sums up everything since my last post

MAXwellCaLLing: but out side my cousins house there was like a pack of 9 or 10 deer
Link182monkeydog: thats like my house every day
MAXwellCaLLing: ya but these wer diffenrent
MAXwellCaLLing: they had big sharp teeth, and giant feet, there noses were orange and they had green fur. they were covered in drool and missing legs, they had random holes on them and kept falling over. and when u threw something at them they threw it back. it was like a crazy deer killing zombie porn monster movie...on steroids
MAXwellCaLLing: ya... and thats y i dont like the french
MAXwellCaLLing: :-D
MAXwellCaLLing: but some of them r ok
MAXwellCaLLing: like peppy lapeu...thats it, the rest of them

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